Double the Building!

From the beginning, Pittsboro Christian Village has offered a variety of living accommodations—freestanding cottages and patio homes, apartments, and assisted living. As times change—along with the lifestyles of our residents—we have taken steps to adjust.

About ten years ago, we started the systematic renovation of the cottages, with the idea of allowing residents to live longer in them before migrating to the apartments. As a new phase of this process, we are beginning to replace (rather than renovate) some of the cottages.

Recently, we broke ground on two single-floor townhomes. These will provide for more floor space and greater accessibility. Lord willing, this approach will become a prototype for new development, as we continue to anticipate the future demands of our residents. As always, it is our desire to provide a comfortable community in which people can age in place—in fellowship with likeminded believers.

We value your prayers for the initial building project, which broke ground in October, as well as for the overall direction of Pittsboro Christian Village.

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