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A Testimony of God’s Faithfulness

In 1952, Reggie Edwards, B.M. Hancock, David Allen and Len Pascal were led by the Lord to begin a ministry for children. God led them to a building that had been vacant for many years, and to Gene and Sue Hollingsworth, the first administrators of what was then known as Pittsboro Christian Home. The Hollingsworths had been in prayer for many years about such a work.

Through the prayers of brother and sister Hollingsworth, along with many volunteers from area Assemblies, the Lord transformed a run-down building into a suitable accommodation. Needs of the Home were never publicized, so when they were provided, God’s faithfulness was demonstrated, and He received the glory.

Over 20 years, Pittsboro Christian Home provided for the physical and spiritual needs for nearly 200 children.

In the early 1970s, the licensing authorities for children’s homes began to issue directives that were contrary to our mission. Regulations across the country made it difficult to teach the children according to Biblical principles. At the same time, more and more children were being routed to foster homes (and away from group homes). As a result, all six homes operated by Christians in assembly fellowship closed or changed emphasis within six months, in late 1971, early 1972.

In 1972, never willing to waste the resources or willing hearts of His people, the Lord presented the leadership with a new purpose: the care of elderly Christians. Once again brother Hollingsworth led remodeling crews to change the facility into rooms with baths.

The goal was to provide a place where elderly Christians could be blessed with the necessities of life, enjoy the fellowship of believers, hold meetings, and continue to serve the Lord.

Later in 1972, rooms were ready for the first residents. Later, more than a dozen cottages were added to the property. About that time, Pittsboro Bible Assembly was founded, to allow residents to attend meetings on the grounds. Noted for its missionary emphasis and mini-conferences, this testimony has continued.

The number of residents grew, and soon the need arose for an Adult Care Home. Brother Hollingsworth oversaw the design and construction of the Care Home, as well as the detailed process of State licensing for such a resource. This ambitious project, as well as all of the many additions and improvements have been financed by gifts from exercised Assemblies and individuals. No funds from the residents’ monthly accommodation and service fees have ever been used for additions or improvements.

Additions have included: expansion of the Care Home; a spacious dining room and kitchen; the Northeast Wing with private rooms and apartments; an auditorium/office unit; patio homes; additional cottages; a swimming pool, and the January 2009 addition of the North Wing, with its 29 independent living apartments. Change is gradual and intentional here, as the directors and administrators are careful always to seek God’s will.

Brother and sister Hollingsworth retired in 1982. The Lord had used their thirty years of care and dedication to start the home and guide it through its early years.

The directors employed Glenn and Roberta Shelor as our next administrators.

In 1986, the name was changed to Pittsboro Christian Village, to better reflect the culture, purpose, and direction of the village.

In 1991, brother Shelor was unexpectedly called home to Heaven. Despite this great personal loss, Roberta Shelor carried on as administrator until the board could find a suitable replacement.

God had been preparing another team to take up the responsibilities. The board selected David Dewhurst, a brother who had been assisting the Shelors for several months, as the new administrator.

David and Norma Dewhurst served with great devotion until 2006, when they retired from their work at Pittsboro Christian Village to travel the country, serve the Lord, and exercise their gifts with other ministries.

The Lord had been preparing a couple to follow David and Norma Dewhurst in the ministry leadership of Pittsboro Christian Village. Gerald and Kim Baker, along with their four children were led to join the ministry in January 2006; Gerald currently serves as the Executive Director of Pittsboro Christian Village at the Lord’s will.

Pittsboro Christian Village is a licensed Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) providing Independent Living accommodations and Assisted Living accommodations. Our Assisted Living residents live in our licensed Adult Care Home.

Currently, there are about 100 residents from numerous states and foreign countries. Since 1972, scores of senior Christians, including many missionaries and commended workers have benefited from the Christian love and care at Pittsboro Christian Village.

Potential residents are attracted to the Village in a number of ways:

  • opportunity to enjoy retirement in the company of other believers who desire to continue living for God;
  • great location and desirable climate;
  • activities available nearby, such as golf, fishing, hunting, museums, sightseeing, and historical sites, some of which are planned by the staff to help keep the residents active, and to aid them physically

Pittsboro Christian Village, Inc. has been a not-for-profit organization, recognized as a 501(c)(3) since the beginning. The Benevolent Fund was established to provide for those who need financial assistance with the monthly fees. This fund, which is supported solely by gifts and donations, has aided numerous residents.